Thursday, December 30, 2010

Gadget Review IV

Best smartphone in the range Rs 25-30K

This was by far the most difficult category..there are quite a few amazing gadgets in this range, and when u have  an Iphone in the class, all that the other students can do is simply gape in awe. This would have been true, but for the following phones:

1. HTC Desire HD - Massive 4.3 inch display..runs on Android 2.2, and is loaded with advanced HTC Sense UI which has won many a heart.

HTC Desire HD..big Daddy

2. HTC Desire - The younger brother of Desire far the most popular member of the HTC family..with a 3.7 inch AMOLED display, HTC Sense UI, 5MP camera with a flash, Android 2.2, amazingly customizable and user-friendly widgets, HD recording, and many other high-tech features, this phone has given HTC top place in the Android market. The battery life though remains a concern, just like in any other smart-phone

HTC Desire..the most popular Android device from HTC

3. Samsung Galaxy S - Well, this is clearly the greatest Iphone competitor, and the statistics corroborate the same. it has sold 9.3 mn units in 6 months till date whereas the Iphone has sold some 14mn. With a whopping 4 inch Super AMOLED display, the resolution of which is matched only by the Iphone 4, this phone has made its way to the top in a very short time. With a very decent 5MP camera (without a flash sadly), HD recording, decent battery life, great display, Touchwiz 3 interface (not as good as HTC sense though, but still very upmarket), the phone packs all the right features to give Apple a run for the top position. It has infact been voted the best Android phone of 2010 by a lot of websites.

Samsung Galaxy S

You must be wondering why the Apple Iphone 4 is not there on the list...well it does not require to be is an Apple and does not require any review or recommendation. Also, its price is much above Rs 30K, so it is better we talk abt d other fones which are doing good and are also affordable (compared to the iphone).

So go for it matter which one u pick, u wont be a loser...they are all winners in their own rights..

Other noteworthy names - Sony Xperia X10

But my heart is slightly biased toward the Desire :)

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