Monday, December 20, 2010

Gadget Review II

contd from.. Gadget Review I

The world today is divided into two kinds of phones..smartphones, and not so smart phones (read Mohenjodaro-Harappan phones)..Smartphones can again be android (one of the most advanced softwares for mobile phones today) and non-android..but till a few months ago, smartphones, and on top of that android  smartphones meant high-end, and high money...but then came the HTC Wildfire and LG Optimus and things changed...I am not going to take up this space to review old symbian smartphones like Nokia E71 and Blackberry  Curve because we all know abt them...we have grown up with these devices and they are just so yesterday...
the phones that are ruling the world today run either on Android, or Bada OS (Samsung), or the IOS (Apple)..Blackberry ofcourse runs on its own Blackberry OS. After my extensive review on around 8-10 top phones, I came to the conclusion that lot of cool gadget cum phones are available today in the market if you are ready to shell out anything from 15K-30K...

In the 15K-20K region, the following phones are great:

1. HTC Wildfire

HTC Wildfire
The phone is Android.2.1 (the latest high end phones work on 2.2, so a 2.1 is not at all bad)..sports a great look, has a 3.2 capacitive screen (which means u do not need to use a stylus like in other HTC Windows phones that u might have seen),and it is loaded with HTC's famous Sense UI interface...the Sense UI is an an outcome of HTC's well made research on making the phone's applications, widgets and touch-feel most user friendly..the result is that u get all ur facebook, twitter and gmail contacts at one place, the phone responds to ur touch like a buddy, and enhances a user's overall basically "senses" what u really need. The Wildfire also comes with a 5MP camera and a Flash alongwith it, and from what i have heard lately, it has got upgraded to Android 2.2, which makes the device absoltely in sync with times. What makes the HTC Wildfire more special is its price. At a mere Rs 14-15K, u are getting a good, solidly built high tech Android device with HTC Sense's a great bet for me

2. Samsung Wave (S8500)

One of Samsung's most loved offerings, the Samsung Wave caught my attention when my room mate got this phone..I held d fone in my hand and just got blown away by its display...the Samsung Wave has a great metallic exterior and with that, it packs a Super-Amoled screen...well it simply means that the sharpness and brighness of its display is absolutely unmatched (only the Iphone 4's retina display comes close)..although the Samsung Wave runs on Bada OS, that does not mean it misses a is close to Android. The phone comes with a 1 Gigahertz Samsung Hummingbird processor which makes it super fast at multitasking, loads a good many applications, is capable of High Definition video recording, has a good 5MP camera with a flash, and with the 3.3 inch super Amoled screen, d fone has enough wow factor to simply make u twitch your face with jealousy even if d guy using the fone is ur best friend..and all this for a price of just Rs 17K. But sadly this phone has gone out of stock and Samsung has launched Wave II. Although Wave II has almost the same features as Wave S8500, Samsung has replaced the Super Amoled display of Wave (which is now available on Samsung Galaxy S) with Clear LCD display in Wave II, which is a major put-off for Wave fans..

There are other good phones in this range too, like the LG Optimus One, Blackberry Curve 3G etc, but Samsung Wave and HTC Wildfire are my top 2 picks..i would probably give the 3rd place to Blackberry Curve 3G...why????coz i have used the Blackberry curve and it is great phone...3G is an upgrade..and the QWERTY experience on a blackberry is absolutely delightful...

To be continued...Phones in the Range of Rs 20-25K..
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