Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Gadget Review III

continued from Gadget Review II

Range Rs 20-25K in this range, there are quite a few offerings from the likes of Nokias and Blackberrys..but the following 2 really cut it for me:

1. HTC Legend
This is the elder brother of HTC Wildfire, and rightly so...the phone has the looks to wow you and comes packed in an aluminium body which makes it macho and hardy. It runs on Android 2.2 now and on top it there is the advanced HTC Sense UI.

The camera is 5MP with LED flash. The phone offers 7 home-screens and the HTC Sense UI enables u to take a helicopter view of all the screens..i.e. if u pinch one homescreen, u can see all the 7 screens around each other. The phone has an amazingly capacitive and responsive 3.2 inch with a great Android interface. The widgets on the Legend are also extremely useful and overall using this phone would be an absolute delight. It is available at a price of Rs 23-24K.

2. Motorola Flipout

Well..this phone has been officially voted by NDTV as the smartphone of the year 2010, and  not without reason So all those who got scared away by the first name of the phone better take notice. This phone changed the failing fortunes of Motorola with its heavy baggage of applications and great features at a very competetive price. It has a huge 3.7 inch capacitive screen with pinch to zoom, and it also packs a physical qwerty keyboard below, so it can woo even those who are hesitant about swiping their fingers on the screen. Also, even with the physical keyboard, phone is is infact the slimmest slider phone today. Just like the other phones it also comes with a 5MP camera with dual LED is currently working on Android 2.1, and would get upgraded to Android 2.2 next year. All at a price of Rs 20-21K
Motorola Milestone

Other noteworthy mentions - Nokia N8 (but sadly, it is Symbian), Nokia N900 (not Symbian, but not Android runs on Maemo 5, but this phone has been one of the most well received smartphones in 2010)

To be continued..Range 25-30K..(the real tough one)

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