Wednesday, July 28, 2010

From the Scotland of Karnataka...Coorgh

The road to Coorgh..

 Our cottage..Alath-Cad

The reception-Alath-Cad

Getting ready for river rafting for the very first time

Off we go..
The beautiful Buddhist monastery at Kushalnagar..
The majestic statues of Buddha and His disciples..
The Abbey falls..
Feeling the freedom..

Talakaveri...the origin of of the most beautiful places i would ever visit..

Inside the temple...yes, there is a temple at the hill top..
Sitting on the last rock on the hill..5 feet away from space..
Striking a pose.. :)
The smile and the weather says it all..

Overall a great weekend at a beautiful place...the govt should promote Coorgh as a tourist location a bit more...but probably it's kind of good they have not.........getting it?

Friday, July 16, 2010

A true Paramhansa...II

Came across this wonderful story abt Ramkrishna which had not figured in my scheme of things earlier...but the story is so beautiful dat I had to put it up here...

Ramkrishna, as many of us know, had developed cancer toward the fag-end of His earthly life...(that is one way way in which the Master takes away the bad karma of His devotees by offering Himself)...He dropped his bodily garment on August 16, 1886...

"'I shall make the whole thing public before I go,' the Master had said some time before..On January 1, 1886, Ramakrishna felt better and came down to His garden for a little stroll.. It was about three o'clock in the afternoon. Some thirty disciples were in the hall or sitting about under the trees.

Sri Ramakrishna said to Girish Chandra Ghosh, one of His disciples, 'Well Girish, what have you seen in me, that you proclaim me before everybody as an Incarnation of God?' Girish was not the man to be taken by surprise. He knelt before the Master and said with folded hands, 'What can an insignificant person like myself say about the One whose glory even sages like Vyasa and Valmiki could not adequately measure?' The Master was profoundly moved. He said: 'What more shall I say? I bless you all. Be illumined!'

He then fell into a spiritual mood. Hearing these words the devotees, one and all, became overwhelmed with emotion. They rushed to him and fell at his feet. He touched them all, and each received an appropriate blessing. Each of them, at the touch of the Master, experienced ineffable bliss. Some laughed, some wept, some sat down to meditate, some began to pray. Some saw light, some had visions of their chosen Ideals, and some felt within their bodies the rush of spiritual power..such was the Grace of this great Master..

when Vivekananda was once asked to say something abt his Master, all he said was..."My Master, with His one glance, can create a 1000 Vivekanadas..."

need He have said anything more...!!!

blessed to have a Master... :-)

Jai Gurudev..

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A true Paramhansa...

I have always been fascinated by the lives of the great Indian spiritual masters...they were God-realised and could walk on the worldly and the astral plane with equal ease..but what is amazingly touching is there devotion toward their was as if They had taken incarnation just to take away the karma of their matter how foul the devotee be, the Master would be as loving and caring as a mother who does not see anything wrong in her child. I have read and heard innumerable stories abt the grace and compassion of a Master toward his disciples/devotees, and have also experienced it with Guruji time and again...

Ramkrishna Paramhansa is one such Yogi whom I have always admired...He was a perfect example of simplicity and unquestioning devotion...whenever I would see his picture, it would seem to me as if Ramakrishna would have known nothing else but how to unconditionally love the Divine if He knew no other emotion but devotion to Goddess Kali, whom He "adopted" to be His own mother..He would feed her idol (Her) with his own hands, and get angry when She refused to appear before Him in physical form..such child-like love is possible only in the highest state of devotion when the devotee can accept nothing else but the that state, the devotee gains such a high pedestal that even God cannot help but get literally ordered around by him..

The almost ubiquitous photo of Ramakrishna 
Ofcourse many found Ramkrishna insane because of his unusual ways, but only the very fortunate like Vivekananda could see the the real Paramhansa, the enlightened and profound Master, behind the guile of a simple unassuming temple priest...

there is a beautiful story abt Ramkrishna that I wish to share...but I think I will do it in the next post...

kp watchin..!!! :)

Jai Gurudev...

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Thought for the day..and many other days..

Written on a blackboard outside a small school building in my locality....

"Thought for the day..
"Education is the only wealth that cannot be stolen.."

Jai Gurudev..!

Friday, July 9, 2010

and so it begins...

Hi...thanks for visiting my dat u have come, this blog is as much urs too...
wow...i am caught up with the much hyped "Qtr-end" closing of the most hectic times in a CA's uneventful life....i at times feel dat a CA lives his life between month-ends and quarter ends...while ordinary mortals age from 23 to 24, a CA ages from Q1 of FY0910 to Q1 of FY1011....
but despite playing the stereotypical CA to the "T", i still stumbled upon the "blogger" option in Google and felt tempted to open an account and scribble some thoughts...and i feel so upto it...i cant promise myself i will be regular...but one thing is for sure...i am already feeling as if a part of me is getting if i am flowing out of myself....woww...hats off to all the bloggers dat i have read or not read coz they have inspired me to join this priviledged bandwagon...
i feel this blog would be more abt my knowing myself rather than abt my opinions...and i am feeling gud abt it..wanted to start writing and sharing my stuff since long...never quite felt upto here i am...sharing my space with u all...hope i enjoy...and more importantly, hope You do....(the change in case being intentional)..

Jai Gurudev.! (victory to the Big Mind)

c u soon..:)