Friday, July 9, 2010

and so it begins...

Hi...thanks for visiting my dat u have come, this blog is as much urs too...
wow...i am caught up with the much hyped "Qtr-end" closing of the most hectic times in a CA's uneventful life....i at times feel dat a CA lives his life between month-ends and quarter ends...while ordinary mortals age from 23 to 24, a CA ages from Q1 of FY0910 to Q1 of FY1011....
but despite playing the stereotypical CA to the "T", i still stumbled upon the "blogger" option in Google and felt tempted to open an account and scribble some thoughts...and i feel so upto it...i cant promise myself i will be regular...but one thing is for sure...i am already feeling as if a part of me is getting if i am flowing out of myself....woww...hats off to all the bloggers dat i have read or not read coz they have inspired me to join this priviledged bandwagon...
i feel this blog would be more abt my knowing myself rather than abt my opinions...and i am feeling gud abt it..wanted to start writing and sharing my stuff since long...never quite felt upto here i am...sharing my space with u all...hope i enjoy...and more importantly, hope You do....(the change in case being intentional)..

Jai Gurudev.! (victory to the Big Mind)

c u soon..:)


  1. starting a blog is one of the most beautiful things of life.......never stop penning down!

  2. ya...absolutely...i can already feel it...

  3. good to hear that. now we all are waiting to know more about you. so start sharing your gyans..... good luck.

  4. by the way, what does T mean here?