Wednesday, July 28, 2010

From the Scotland of Karnataka...Coorgh

The road to Coorgh..

 Our cottage..Alath-Cad

The reception-Alath-Cad

Getting ready for river rafting for the very first time

Off we go..
The beautiful Buddhist monastery at Kushalnagar..
The majestic statues of Buddha and His disciples..
The Abbey falls..
Feeling the freedom..

Talakaveri...the origin of of the most beautiful places i would ever visit..

Inside the temple...yes, there is a temple at the hill top..
Sitting on the last rock on the hill..5 feet away from space..
Striking a pose.. :)
The smile and the weather says it all..

Overall a great weekend at a beautiful place...the govt should promote Coorgh as a tourist location a bit more...but probably it's kind of good they have not.........getting it?

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