Saturday, October 10, 2015

A Ghazal for my Master..

Don't know how, but it just flowed through me today..

Bahut kareeb se ho kar ke laut aaya hun..
Main keh ke alvida duniya ko laut aaya hun..

Wo aaye the mujhe sacchai batane teri,
Main unhe aaina dikha ke laut aaya hun..

Bhatak raha tha khwahishon me na jane kab se,
Tere rehmat ki karam pake laut aaya hun..

Ab apne god ke saaye me basa le mujhko,
Tera banda hun, tere pas laut aaya hun... 

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A common question beautifully answered

Sri Ramakrishna on Lust

A young man sadly asked Sri Ramakrishna: "Sir, how can I get rid of lust? I strive so hard, still I suffer from restlessness due to passion and bad thoughts.”

Sri Ramakrishna: "... Do you think I am free from it? At one time I believed that I had conquered lust. Then one day when I was seated in the Panchavati, I suddenly had such an onrush of lust that it was hard for me to maintain control! Immediately I began crying, rubbing my face in the dust, and saying to the Divine Mother: “I have made a big mistake, Mother. I shall never again think that I have conquered lust.' Only then did it subside. Do you know, you boys are now passing through a flood tide of adolescence? You can't stop it. Can an embankment or a breakwater stop a tidal wave? The overflowing water breaks through and rushes forward, and then the water stands as high as a bamboo over the paddy fields. There is a saying, 'Mental sin is not considered to be a sin in this Kaliyuga.' If a bad thought happens to arise once or twice in the mind, why should you go on brooding about it? Sometimes those feelings come and go. They are natural to the body; consider them to be physical functions like the call of nature. Do people worry when they have an urge for the call of nature? Similarly, consider those feelings to be insignificant, trifling, and worthless, and don't think of them anymore. Pray to God intensely, chant His name, and meditate on Him. Don't pay any heed to whether those feelings come or go. Gradually, they will come under control." ...

Monday, December 15, 2014

My I would like to be remembered :)

A good man, who was useful to others.
A wise man, who gave wisdom and knowledge, and himself lived it every moment.
A devotee, whose devotion inspired others on the path.
A pious soul who wished everyone well.
An ideal man everyone would look upto.
A loving man, whose eyes exuded love and compassion.
A successful man - rich yet humble, powerful yet serving.
One who walked like a king and served like a perfect servant.
A man who knew no fear - a free soul, free from vasanas & vrittis, free from bondage, free from fear and inhibitions.
A man who fulfilled all his relations 100%, and yet, remained above all relations.

In short, a man who lived just liked his GURU.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Waves in the Ocean..

Just as ripples in water, we emerge from the Ocean of Life...

The waves remain on the surface for sometime, 
then go back into the Ocean,
only to re-emerge again, and again, and again...

The Ocean is quiet, calm, peaceful..

It lovingly watches the waves play,
Waiting for them to come home,

Where eternal Bliss awaits them....

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Call from the Master...

The Master has His own way of calling you,

He won't look at you, 
but tempt you to come to Him again and again,
till your small mind is assured He is looking at you, over you, every moment..

He won't talk to you, 
still leave you speechless, 
making you think what you would say to Him the next time you meet,

He won't say He loves you, 
still fill you with so much love,
that your Heart, unable to contain this vast Ocean, would start flowing towards the source..

He won't say your name, 
but inspire you, so you can make a name of your own,

He won't come to you, 
but pull you towards Himself with a force so immense,
that you will have no choice but to come to Him, surrender to Him,

The Master, has His own way of calling you...

Friday, April 11, 2014

Bengali - Sweetest of the sweet language

Those who have stayed in Bengal, AND, also learnt Bengali in its pure form, would completely agree with me when I say that Bengali is the sweetest language. It is not a disrespect to other languages. All languages have their own charm - else how would have we relished the writings of Ramdhari Singh Dinkar, Mirza Ghalib, Munshi Premchand, William Sakespeare and so many others who have created magic with their own languages. But read Rabindranath Tagore, listen to Hemant Kumar or Manna Dey, watch Uttam Kumar and Suchitra Sen, and you would know why I consider Bengali as the sweetest language. I am lucky, that despite belonging to a hard-core North Indian family, I grew up in a small town in Bengal, where I had the priviledge to witness Bengal and Bengali in their unadulterated form. I used to hang around with Bengali friends, enjoy watching Bengali movies, relish the writing of Tagore, Nazrul Islam, Michael Madhusudan, and above all, loved talking in Bengali. I was as Bengali at heart as the Benaglis. What distinguishes Bengali from other languages, is that it contains the grace and poetic effulgence of Urdu, yet it also has the earthiness of classical Hindi. It is flowery, but one can still connect to it as his own.

There is a beautiful bhajan in Bengali which I was looking for a long time. Luckily, found it today. The lyrics are very simple,  but written with a  graceful rustic flavour (which is famous as Baul sangeet). The song encapsulates how Lord Krishna was called by different names by different devotees - Balaram called him Krishna, the cow-herds called him Rakhal, Yashoda maa called him Yadulal, Vashista called him Manohar and so on. This way, the Lord, who is One for all, got 108 different names, depending on how the devotee treated Him - a friend, a son, a Beloved, or a Guru. The mellifluous voice in this bhajan is of Sandhya Mukhhopadhaya, and the combination of the words and the singer weaves magic. I had tears in my eyes when I heard it.I am sure you would love it too. I am also posting the lyrics for you to read and understand better.

Hare krishna naam dilo priyo bolaram
Rakhal raja naam rakhe bhokto Shri dhaam,
Joshoda jononi bole jadu bacha dhor..
Aosto taro shotto naam pelo narayon..||

Deb jadugor naame dake Judhistir
Dorpohari naam rakhe Arjun shubir
Brojo banshi bole tume brojer jibon
Aosto taro shotto naam pelo narayon..||

Nonder nondololon raakhilo shri Nondo
Brinda duti Dilo naam Brinda bono Chondro
Doyanidhi naam raakhe Aotur shujoon
Aosto taro shotto naam pelo narayon..||

Moni monohor naame Boshishto je daake
Shongshaarero Shaar naam Bishamitro raakhe
Nonichora naam rakhe Gopobalagar
Aosto taro shotto naam pelo narayon...||

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Immortal Ghalib

Aashiqi sabr-e-talab, aur tamanna betaab,
Dil ka kya rang karun khoon-e-jigar hone tak...