Friday, December 17, 2010

Gadget Review I

Well I happened to wake up one fine morning with a feverish thought that my phone just does not belong today and I desperately want a new high-tech device to brandish...and so began my quest to choose the most desirable phone on the planet dat wud make others go green inside...I first decided to buy the quintessential high-end gadget, the Iphone.(either 3GS or 4). But in a while i realised that to buy an Iphone from India would mean shelling out a cool 32-35K which was a good furlong ahead of my budget...but my hopes were rekindled when a friend of mine landed a job in Japan and gave me the idea dat he could fetch me a fone from der....but as luck would have its way, it so turned out that most developed countries sell their phones to the service provider and u have to buy phones from the carrier with a typically 2year if u want to get a phone from the US, u would have to buy it der with a contract, bring it to India (illegally, coz u r breaching the contract) and have it jail-broken here (which may or may not work), and after all this drama and hassle if anything goes wrong, u r screwed and so is ur bank balance.

The Iphone 4
and thus I decided to mange this quest on my own so I wud be able to get a high-tech gadget from my own motherland without having to go through the twists and turns of importing one...and in this process i spent nearly 20 days in reviewing some of the best phones available in the world (and in India) today...and at the end of these 20 days, I got enlightenment..just as Buddha and Guruji got Enlightened after their respective periods of deep Samadhi..

Finally I did get to make up my mind on which fone to buy, but more importantly, i realised how rapidly the world has advanced since i last did some research before buying a phone (which was 1.5 years ago)..i realised how technologically ignorant and dumb i have been all this while..and so i decided that i could not let all this treasure of knowledge that i had garnered over 20 days remain buried inside me when there were so many out der like me who could not tell between an ipad and an ipod...

and so out of my profound concern for the people of my community, i would share my opinion and technical review on some of the smartphones that i have reviewed lately, so that u, u and u can get a hang of whats going out der outside ur world...

this post has already become quite long so i wud spill it over to the next post..

be sure i will :)

c ya

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