Thursday, March 13, 2014

Awesomely amazing bhajan

There are some bhajans, which you hear and forget..then there are those you like to hum along, sing along, clap along. And then there are those divine melodies, those nuggets, which the moment you hear, all you want to do is close your eyes and slip into a state of pure ecstacy and unbounded Gratitude. One such rare melody is this beautiful, Grace-filled bhajan by Chitra Roy - "Om Jyotirmaya, Karunamaya, Antarjyoti Guru". If you haven't heard it yet, dont worry, hear it now. Make sure there is not much noise around. And in case there is noise inside you, the song will take care of it :) Its from the album Geethanjali. Thanks to Rishi Vidhyadhar ji (Sr Faculty from the Art of Living) who introduced me to this bhajan. I will try to put up an official link to the song here soon The lyrics are below:

Om Jyotirmaya, Karunamaya,
SatGurave Namah Om

Om Gyanmaya, Om Premamaya,
Antarjyoti Guru, Mamayatmasangaat Guru

Om Pranamaya, Paramanandmaya,
Shantimaya, Sukhamaya,
Satgurave Namah Om, 

Om Tejomaya, Kripamaya, 
Parabramhamaya, Sachidanandmaya
Antarjyoti Guru
Om Trigunateet Guru...

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